Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Yuck | Live in Hong Kong 26/1/2012

Yuck live in Hong Kong
Daniel Blumberg - Singer and Guitarist;Mariko Doi - Bassist;
Max Bloom - Guitarist; Jonny Rogoff - Drummer
 Shortly after playing on the Weezer Cruise ship (I’m not joking), "Yuck" were on the way to Hong Kong to play a gig at the Hangout in Sai Wan Ho. There was a nice crowd of people gathered outside already, it might even have been a sold out show. How great is that?  Local band “The Yours” was performing as the opening act and already the audience was all the way at the front, close to the stage. Watch "The Yours" latest single “Honey Treats”  here

After a short sound check “Yuck” came on, blasting away with their fuzzy and distorted rock. A lot of people in the audience were very familiar with their songs and happily sang along. With only one full-length album release up to now, they don’t have too much material to fall back on, but they did play some new songs. All together it was a short, but sweet set, surprisingly without encore. All kinds of comparisons came to my mind while watching "Yuck" onstage. There is a lot of resemblance to many bands from the 90s and while this band might not be the most original, they are charismatic and fun to watch. What seems a tad tepid on their album, is lively and fresh during their live performance.

The last song played was "Rubber", ending with a feedback infused noise fest, which would’ve made Sonic Youth proud and left the audience wanting more. All together a great show with the youthful and charming “Yuck”

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